Why SAGE is the Perfect Place for the Play Sector to Exhibit

pink and grey playground structure on green grass

Businesses who supply play equipment rarely get great opportunities to display their products, as there are few tradeshows that provide adequate space to properly show potential customers outdoor park equipment.

For people to really get an idea of how your products work and why they are different to what your competitors offer, they need to see them in use, not just in a catalogue or on a website page.

SAGE 2022 is the perfect place for businesses from the Play sector to exhibit their equipment, partly due to the ideal location at The Three Counties Showground. The site covers 90 acres, and this vast space is one of the top reasons it has been chosen to host the much-anticipated 2022 SAGE expo.

Here are some of the top benefits of exhibiting at SAGE 2022:

Book as much space as you need

SAGE offers a free demo plot for all exhibitors. A first-hand demo of your products is much more effective than showing pictures and you will need adequate space to allow you to do this. Exhibitors book a section of space for their stand, priced by the metre. There are no constraints around how much space you are allowed to use to set up your playground equipment and any other products that you want to highlight.


Get in front of your target audience

 As well as having the benefit of more than enough space to set up your playground equipment, at SAGE 2022 you have the bonus of being able to get in front of your target audience of customers. The event will be attended by key personnel from local authorities, education establishments and contractors who will already have an interest in the types of products that you sell.


Chance to build rapport

 Speaking directly to potential customers is one of the most effective ways of building up a positive relationship with them, teaching them about your product and showing them why they should choose you! Face to face marketing means that those you speak to are likely to remember your brand. Even if they do not purchase from you there and then, you have an opportunity to capture their information and add it to your upcoming marketing campaigns. The next time they do need to buy play equipment, or find someone looking for recommendations, they will be much more likely to get in touch than another brand they have never met.


Network with people in your industry

 Another benefit of exhibiting at SAGE 2022 is that you get to meet lots of people from across the same industry, who you may be able to work with in the future or who can recommend your business.

SAGE is also the perfect opportunity to see what your competitors are up to, by allowing you to have a look at any demonstrations they are doing as exhibitors. There is also a good opportunity to find out about the latest products or trends that are affecting your industry, so there really are many benefits to exhibiting at SAGE 2022.


Book your space today and get unrivalled value for money.

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