SAGE Becomes the Home Event for GRASS (Groundcare Resources and Sustainability Solutions)


SAGE is proud to be a key contributor to driving a more sustainable future in the sports and grounds maintenance industry.

SAGE 2022 is focused on providing a platform to make sustainable solutions more accessible across the grounds maintenance industry, with greener solutions becoming an even more urgent priority to meet carbon zero targets.

We are delighted to announce that SAGE is now the home event for GRASS (Ground care Resources and Sustainability Solutions), a newly launched forum comprising ground care industry specialists who are passionate about shaping a more sustainable future. The forum is free to join and will be a valuable group moving forward, offering expert knowledge on a wide range of sustainability topics.

GRASS has been formed by sustainability pioneer and innovator Mark Tomlinson, the Head of Environmental and Sustainability Stadia Projects at Bio-Circle. The corporate philosophy at Bio-Circle is “Making green work” by developing systems and solutions that are better for the environment.

Bio-Circle develops products that use sustainable raw materials and natural active ingredients, leading the way in sustainable products for the ground care industry. One of the most anticipated sessions of SAGE 2022 is the inaugural Sustainability Solutions for Grounds Specialists Summit, which is hosted in partnership with Bio-Circle.

Speaking about why GRASS have chosen SAGE as their only home event, Mark says “as an exhibitor, I value an outdoor show and the space SAGE offers to bring live working demonstrations to the industry. This is exactly what the industry has asked for, and as an exhibitor, I value quality visitors to a trade show who can see my products and services in action.

Working together to drive sustainability

The Summit will be led by industry experts, including Soil Scout, ProPitch, and Fleet Line Markers LTD who through GRASS are all working to develop a network of sustainability knowledge to deliver positive change and more eco-friendly practices. GRASS will be providing information and guidance to grounds maintenance businesses on the latest sustainability projects and concerns for the industry that need to be addressed.

Speaking of such issues, Mark says that far too many organisations are using the word ‘sustainability’ in their marketing, without knowing the true core values of what being sustainable means. Speaking on further on this issue, he says:

“Unless you are driving sustainability to the groundscare sector, it will be a slow transition and time is not on our side. You cannot magic change. It is up to each individual within your business to know what the term sustainable means. Sustainability can be driven by anyone, and with our industry based around nature we should be at the forefront of driving environmental change and practices. Responsibility and implementations must be undertaken by organisations who truly want to take the project on board. Small steps and simple changes in daily practices make a big difference and begins the journey”.

Mark wants the key message of the sustainability summit to be that sustainability and biodiversity are here to stay, and he knows that this topic is going to attract an audience that has an outside focal point on a very prominent issue across many sectors.

Bio-Circle has been instrumental in developing greener products, such as low-temperature products, natural ingredients, and waste reduction. At SAGE 2022 you will have the opportunity to ask the experts for advice and guidance on the different products that will help you to work in more sustainable ways, as well as see in action the latest sustainable projects and products.

One of the additional benefits of establishing GRASS is that the group can work together to help ensure that there is more awareness of sustainability solutions across the industry. Through regular collaboration and updates on the latest news and products, the members of GRASS will be able to continue to implement sustainable changes when new opportunities arise.

There is still time to register for SAGE, be a part of the first Sustainability Summit for the industry. On top of this you will also have the opportunity to see live demos of the latest ground care products and innovative technology, connect with fellow grounds maintenance specialists and benefit from a networking event hosted by our show sponsors Fleet Line Markers.

Bio-Circle are kindly offering a free sustainability groundscare audit open to all attendees of SAGE that is worth £500, visit their stand to pick up your voucher!

Register for your place at SAGE 2022 today to avoid missing out.


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