Hear what Chairman of GRASS, Mark Tomlinson, has to say on their mission to tackle sustainability across the industry…

We are a group of experts and specialists, brought together to help bring more awareness of sustainability solutions across the Groundcare industry.

Through our work together, we will be working with progressive sports sector leaders to implement sustainable changes now and as new opportunities arise.


Our Mission

Sustainability Solutions


We support the Groundcare industry with knowledge and specialist advice. From maintaining pitches to equipment preservation, from biodiversity to sustainable products and services, we bring ideas and solutions on all areas of Groundcare within the sports sector. A networking forum group open to everyone within the Groundcare industry that would like to learn and Implement a sustainability project or improve environmental solutions to their daily processes.


Bridging the gap for progressive Groundcare personnel looking to implement environmental practices in their projects, in order to build a responsible future for their business, but who lack the support, assurance, and knowledge to get started.


GRASS is open to passionate experts who are ready to offer their knowledge and guidance in order to bring creative and practical solutions to Groundcare professionals ready to make a difference. We do this by offering our time and support to GRASS initiatives, enabling the drive to position GRASS as an opinion former and go-to reference for the industry, building on our individual sector, product, or service knowledge. Our success is the sum of our parts, reflected in the growth of projects and clients we are able to advise and support.


Simple straightforward advice from passionate industry experts.

A free [no obligation] service and knowledge bank supported by experts who bring ideas and solutions with best-in-class examples and access to a network of professionals, resulting in a plan of action that can be evidenced, measured, resourced, and costed ready for internal approval and action.


Chairman of GRASS, Mark Tomlinson

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