Benefits of an Outdoor Summer Tradeshow for the Sports and Grounds Industry

Indoor tradeshows and events can be very beneficial, particularly in industries where equipment is generally small and is for indoor use, such as a technology tradeshow. However, for industries that are based outdoors using large equipment, an indoor tradeshow with restricted space does not deliver the optimal benefits for visitors and exhibitors.

If you are planning for a successful 2023 and want to choose a tradeshow that you will get the most out of, SAGE 2023 is the largest outdoor tradeshow for the sports and grounds maintenance industry.


These are some of the top benefits of an outdoor tradeshow:


Live demos with no space restrictions

At indoor shows exhibitors from manufacturers of large equipment are unable to provide demonstrations, reverting to showing videos of the equipment in action or handing out leaflets, which does not have the same sales conversion impact.

For visitors, it is difficult to fully understand how products work and the benefits that they can bring to their business/work. Space for demos is just one of the reasons that an outdoor tradeshow with a large area to use is more beneficial.

In the sports and grounds industry, large equipment is standard for many companies, from playground equipment manufacturers to tree surgeons and grounds maintenance staff using sit-on equipment. To demonstrate these products or the products used with large equipment such as line marking paint, you need to see the equipment in operation to compare it to other similar products.


Safer environment

In addition to being able to host live demos at outdoor tradeshows, other benefits include being in a safer environment, which is an issue that has been more prevalent since the COVID pandemic. In winter, cold and flu spread at a fast rate, especially in small indoor spaces filled with lots of people. An outdoor summer event does not have the same germ-spreading potential, so you can feel safer mixing with industry peers and networking.


In the natural environment

Grounds and sports maintenance professionals are used to working outside so going into a conference centre or another type of indoor event space can be a major change of scenery. This might be a fun experience for some people, but the more formal setting could be uncomfortable for others. If you enjoy being in your natural environment surrounded by fields, then an outdoor tradeshow is the one for you.


More networking opportunities

With smaller, indoor tradeshows you have limited space for networking. Usually, there is room for as many stands as the organisers can fit in and then limited space for any other important activities.

To provide a comparison, the SAGE event takes place at the Three Counties Showground with acres of space to use. We can host events such as the sustainability forum, and we use the function space for late afternoon networking, where people can relax at the bar entertained by live music, and meet industry colleagues in a less formal setting.

Whether you are an exhibitor who wants to showcase your large machinery or a visitor who wants to enjoy a worthwhile and productive tradeshow, SAGE 2023 should be in your diary.


We also schedule it in the middle of summer so there is a good chance you will have a fantastic couple of days in the sunshine while you meet new connections and learn more about new products and trends impacting the industry.


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