Reply To: Working together for 2023


Hey All, I personally think that the event has a huge potential and that together we can make it exactly that – huge.

I spoke to some dealers this week that suggested more diverse product ranges and also staging the show over a weekend to allow more to attend along with end users and families. They said the demonstrations were great and questioned why one would bother with Saltex if more attended this show.

I am not sure how many dealers (if any) exhibited. But local dealers with that local customer base being given preferential rates to come would help attract local end users and the local community. People attract people.

From our point of view the show is being marketed mainly to turf, we think the 2023 marketing should be targeting Green Space Maintenance as a whole, if this fits the direction the show wants to take.

Regarding PR – I would suggest talking to Holly and the amazing team at Honest Communications.

My thoughts for now 🙂 Already looking forward to 2023 and beyond