Reply To: Working together for 2023


Hello, thanks for the invitation to the group. As with everyone else, I too see the potential for this show. Heck it could easily become the main industry event over time.

I have just got back from the TGA (Turf Growers Association) summer show and one of the things which went down well was the demonstrations. They had all the mowers lined up next to each other, each manufacturer had 5 mins to do a quick introduction, and then they were demonstrated. From a customers point of view it was really valuable as it allowed them to see all the machines running side by side to draw conclusions. If something like this was planned at SAGE, perhaps operators or greenkeepers would invite along the decision makers to help get deals over the line?

My other thought, perhaps only suitable while the show is young (?) was around the layout of the show. Have you considered having one big central demo area and then the stands positioned around the outside? This would provide a focus and schedule for the main event.